Help us investigate special education in New Mexico

Throughout much of this year, reporters at Searchlight will be looking into New Mexico’s special education system. We’re investigating whether schools are giving students with special needs a proper education and what needs to change to improve how schools work with students with disabilities.

To make sure we get the story right, we are spending some serious time listening to parents of students with disabilities. We want to hear from people who have experienced special education directly, whatever that experience has been.

Have you been involved with special education in New Mexico? Let us know!

Here’s how it works: text the word school to 505-903-7381. You’ll get a text from Searchlight reporter Ed Williams asking some basic questions. After that, we will add you to our network of parents and keep in touch with you as our investigation progresses. We might ask for your feedback on a specific lead or ask if you are willing to be quoted in a story. But unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll keep your identity completely confidential.

We’ve already heard from a lot of parents, and we want to hear from you too!

If you have any questions or want to get in touch directly, email Ed Williams at