Foreign teachers pay dearly to fill jobs in New Mexico

Lured by recruiters who charge a premium to work in a state desperate for teachers, more than 200 foreign teachers are risking their financial security for an opportunity to work in public schools from Albuquerque to Questa. Each one shells out up to $15,000 in recruitment fees and related costs – often borrowed money.

New Mexico’s home visiting puzzle

Despite strong evidence that home visiting promotes healthy families and children, state officials have diverted millions of dollars from the program in order to fund child care assistance.

Many grandparents raising kids locked out of state aid

The number of children being raised by grandparents has exploded across New Mexico, nearly doubling to more than 55,000 — 10 percent of all the state’s children — since 1990. But many of those grandparents have found themselves denied assistance, often even when they meet eligibility requirements.